BPD Family Support Group: FREE support group for families

BPD Family Support Group: FREE support group for families


If you have someone close to you suffering from BPD and would like to be part of a group that will offer encouragement and support, join the BPD Family Support Group.



The 1st Tuesday of the Month




The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County


Please Contact:

Jacki Krone at jackikrone@gmail.com or Pam Hernandez at pamh1224@gmail.com




  1. Are there any support groups in palm beach county?

    • Hi Jane,
      At this time there are no support groups in palm beach county that we are aware of. If you are a family member or loved one of someone with BPD, and you would like to start a support group where you are or get more information on our family education program (we could potentially offer a 1-day workshop in Palm Beach County), please contact Jack jackikrone@gmail.com or Pam pamh1224@gmail.com. If you would like more information, please e-mail us at info@fbpda.org and we will be glad to talk to you over e-mail or in person.

  2. I live in Broward County. Are there any resources available to family members in my area? I would travel to Dade county or West Palm Beach as well.

    • Hi Tara, Thanks for reaching out. A BPD Family Support Group facilitator will e-mail you directly about resources in your area. Thank you!


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