Day 7- BPD Awareness Month 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 7-  The Fly

If you have chosen to practice mindfulness this past week (whether you sat mindfully, breathed mindfully, walked mindfully, ate or colored something mindfully), you have surely noticed how often our minds wander and get distracted. Previously, Dan Harris talked about this: He said that as per usual, he is able to be present for a nanosecond and then is off following different thoughts or stories in his mind. Mindfulness is not about getting “rid” of thoughts, and its not about simply not thinking. Mindfulness is observing your thoughts, and choosing to come back to the present moment when you realized you are chasing them down.┬áThis short video below is an illustration of what happens when we try to get rid of our thoughts, or our distractions: we have more thoughts, and more distractions. Only when we allow our thoughts to be just as they are without trying to change them, but simply noticing them, do we find peace and stillness:


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