Spring/Summer 2014 Call-In Series from NEABPD

                Sunday June 29th, from 8pm to 9pm EST



Seth Axelrod, Ph.D. Yale University, Department of Psychology

        Dial-In number is 530 881 1400 pin number 725639#     


                                      June 29, 2014





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29-June         Michael Hollander, PhD

Understanding and Resolving Self-Injury


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All callers will be on mute to control for background noise interfering with the presentations.


Please send questions you may want answered during the call. They will be responded to at the end of the call, time permitting.  Email neabpd@aol.com
29-June         Michael Hollander, PhD

Understanding and Resolving Self-Injury
13-July           Shauna Dowden, PhD

Similarities and Difference between DBT & MBT
20-July           Julie Brown, LICSW

Emotion Regulation Skills for Individuals with Learning Challenges
27-July           Carla Sharp, PhD

Hyper-mentalizing in BPD: A model and some data
3-August        Steven Southwick, MD

Tips for Building Resilience: Lessons from Research on Trauma                                Survivors 


24-August     Alex Chapman, PhD

Understanding Emotional Dysregulation in BPD
31-August     Francheska Perepletchikova, PhD

              Dialectical Behavior Therapy for pre-adolescent children: Issues                               and challenges in  adaptation and implementation


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