Day 5- BPD Awareness Month 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 5 – Glitter Jars

So this activity requires a bit of creativity (and some sparkle), and while its may have originally been designed for kids, I think it is a great way to show how “busy” our minds can get with thoughts, feelings, and urges. Its glitter jars!


In this jar of glitter we can see our mind. Maybe, when we wake up in the morning our mind is calm and all of the glitter is resting calmly at the bottom of the jar. Maybe our mind is cluttered as soon as we awake, which is often the case. Either way, as we proceed throughout the day, things start triggering us: we are late for work, we get in a fight with someone we love, we are tired and don’t want to leave the house, we are ruminating on something we did or said, etc… That is when the jar gets shaken, and the glitter starts flying around, and there is no longer any clear space- the entire jar is filled with dancing specks of glitter. How do we get the glitter to be still and settled? How do we get our mind to stop racing, and to be still for a few moments? By practicing mindfulness! Whether you focus on your breath, or recite the alphabet backwards, or listen to every note in your favorite song, bringing your full attention to one thing is the way to get out of your thoughts and back into the present moment.  Go to to see how you can make your own glitter jar.

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