Day 9 – BPD Awareness Month 31 Day Challenge

I found this idea I really like for mindfulness practice over at, and will share the basic concept here.

I think a lot of people (those with and without BPD) have a tendency for black and white, all or nothing thinking. I remember when I first learned about mindfulness, I thought I had to be mindful ALL THE TIME. I would- of course!- become pretty discouraged, and even miserable, thinking about how “bad” I was at mindfulness! The idea below is great because it is simple, realistic, and lets us off the hook for the natural constant wanderings of our mind. If you are looking for a pressure and guilt-free way, this may be it.

This practice suggests being mindful for two simple actions:

  • Opening a door
  • And sitting down in a chair

You are free to allow your mind to wander throughout the rest of the day (if you would like). This small action gives you an opportunity to get used to non-judgmentally paying attention, and it is doable and effective.

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