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Research has shown that stress and strain in a person’s life, especially in overwhelming amounts, may lead a person to feel the need to cope in one form or another. While some people may choose to go on a walk, talk to a friend, or find work to occupy their mind, other people turn to self-injurious behavior as a means to deal with stress. This study will examine the pathways to self-injurious behavior that people go down and why people choose self-injurious behavior over other coping methods. Specifically this study will look at environmental factors, feelings associated with self-injurious behavior, and the meanings of self-injurious behavior that are common among individuals who employ it as a means for dealing with stress.

This study will be conducted by Wally Wojciechowski, a graduate student in the sociology department at the University of Florida. Data will be collected through in person and telephone interviews during which the participant’s self-injury history will be discussed. All identifying information will be kept confidential and all participants will be kept anonymous. This study seeks to reduce stigma associated with self-injurious behavior in hopes that people who engage in the act will see that they are not alone and encourage people who feel that they have a problem with self-injurious behavior to seek help instead of suffering in silence.

If you are interested in being a part of this study please feel free to contact Wally Wojciechowski either via email or telephone using the contact information below. If you know a person or people who may be interested in being a part of this study then please feel free to give them my information and have them contact me. Together we can help to reduce stigma surrounding self-injurious behavior and help people who are suffering alone.

Please contact Wally by February 16th if you are interested in participating

Cell Phone- 18103388514

Email- wojci1tw@ufl.edu


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