Throughout the month, FBPDA will be sharing resources about Bordelrine Personality Disorder. We will feature stories of people living with BPD, inspirational videos, and information about treatment options.

Today, we are sharing a blog that features DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) skills- PSYCHDIARY. The blog is written by a clinical psychologist and explains the use of different skills and how to apply them to daily life. Here is a sample of one of the blog posts, featuring the use of a dbt skill:

Do you ever look around yourself and think “I should be blissfully happy right now…and I am not?” That was the thought I had on my second day of my family vacation. It was not a thought I was expecting.

Frankly, it was probably due in part to the fact that a lot of things were not what I was expecting. I was working hard to adjust my expectations, but I knew it would take me time to settle in. One thing I have come to know about myself is that I don’t react well when a plan unfolds differently than I imagined. No doubt I will be working on that for a lifetime. Click here to continue reading.

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