Day 1- Meditation for Beginners

In this 6 minute mindfulness video ABC News anchor Dan Harris and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg introduce mediation (a common way to practice mindfulness) and share a short guided meditation. By no means is meditation the only way to practice mindfulness, it is just one of many! I am excited to share this video for several reasons:

  • Dan Harris highlights the fact that meditation is simple (not easy!), secular, and scientifically validated. Meditation does not involve believing in anything in particular, or going to a certain group or place, it is for everyone to practice any where.
  • This video addresses something that EVERYONE experiences in meditation- a wandering mind! There is nothing wrong with getting caught in thoughts (like what you want to eat, or why you said something to your boss), because our mind is conditioned to wander.
  • When our mind wanders, and we bring it back to the present moment, it is like a bicep curl for the brain. The more often our mind wanders, the more oppurtunities we have to bring it back to the present moment, and the stronger our ability to be here, now becomes.

Enjoy, see you tomorrow for Day 2!

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