Other Professionals and Programs Who Identify Expertise with BPD

Professional Referrals

Northeast Region

Gateway Recovery Program in Jacksonville, Fl. received 4 days of DBT Training in 2016 with the goal of adding DBT for Substance Abuse to their existing interventions.  https://www.gatewaycommunity.com/

They provide the following levels of care for primary addiction treatment:

Detox and Residential; Outpatient; Pregnant and Postpartum Program and Recovery Housing.

Central East Region

Central West Region

Southeast Region

Joel Wertheimer, MD MS

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Intensively trained in DBT

35 NE 40th Street Suite 202 Miami, FL 33137 (In the design district)

phone or text 917-716-1830


Life Skills of South Florida Residential Program


1431 SW 9th Ave, Deerfield Beach FL, 33441

Toll Free: 844-749-1560 | Phone: 954-834-5099 | Fax: 954-834-5080 ______________________________________________

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, LLC

4905 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33463

(561) 253-1550



Sandy Pines Residential Program for Children and Adolescents


11301 S.E. Tequesta Terrace
Tequesta, FL 33469

Phone: (561) 744-0211


FBPDA Policy On Providing Provider Referrals


FBPDA strives to provide information to consumers on treatment providers in Florida who specialize in treating Borderline Personality Disorder. FBPDA recommends Evidence-Based Treatment for all mental health problems. New, evidence-based treatments are being developed as the research grows. Currently, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is the most widely researched treatment for BPD with 44 independent studies showing it is more effective than typical treatments. Therefore, FBPDA will strive to collect, publish and share information about providers who are utilizing evidence-based treatment, particularly DBT. Since there is currently a dearth of comprehensive DBT programs in Florida, FBPDA will also publish and share information about providers who strive towards providing fully comprehensive evidence-based treatment but who may not have the resources or full training. That is called “DBT Informed”. The information that is collected, shared and published is based on information obtained from those providers and will be published in this format:


  • – Provider or program name
  • – Location and contact information
  • – Training
  • – Population treated (adults, children, teens)
  • – Modes of treatment provided.


FBPDA cannot be held accountable for whether that information is accurate or not. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves on what constitutes an effective treatment and provider or to find out any other information desired. Please read and accept following disclaimer to access the referral pages:


FBPDA, as an organization, encourages the use of DBT therapists who are intensively trained and DBT programs that are as comprehensive and adherent as the therapy designed by the DBT founder, Marsha Linehan. . However, since the certification process for DBT is expected to be completed sometime in 2014, and since intensively trained DBT therapists are not practicing in every region of Florida, it is up to the consumer to learn the questions to ask to insure that the provider is adequately trained to do adherent, evidence-based treatment for the specific needs of the BPD client (See below for tips for finding a DBT therapist). FBPDA does not assume responsibility for the outcome of any referrals provided.



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