Florida Borderline Disorder Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2007 that is dedicated to educating all Floridians about this severe—yet highly treatable mental disorder. Amanda Smith was the original founder and president and she knew first-hand the challenges of living with BPD. She realized that existing resources were inadequate single handedly created and developed FBPDA. She crafted the mission statement,

“To promote awareness, education, and research of borderline personality disorder and cultivate an atmosphere of support among professionals, consumers, and families throughout the state.”

FBPDA fulfilled the mission by holding biannual conferences, community talks, support groups, and providing the latest research and articles to interested Floridians. In addition, FBPDA answered phone calls and emails from people diagnosed with BPD and their friends and family to provide information, support and referrals. Back then there were hardly any comprehensive DBT programs or adequately trained providers in Florida. In 2012, Amanda left the state to pursue personal goals, and FBPDA lay dormant until March, 2013 when a small group of clinicians, consumers and family members got together to re-launch FBPDA. We continue to be dedicated to the mission developed in 2007.