Educate yourself

Do you know the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder? Many persons don’t have this basic information and frequently the disorder is misidentified by mental health professionals. There are many good books about Borderline Personality Disorder available in our office and we can highly recommend Back from the Edge—a DVD from the BPD Resource Center affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Educate others

You can help us reach out to others by giving copies of our newsletter to friends, family members, your local library, hospitals, and your professional colleagues or you can invite a friend to one of our events. Can you help host an educational event in Tallahassee, Orlando, Gainesville, Naples, or Miami? Help spread the word about FBPDA throughout our state.


  • Are you interested in serving on our board of directors?
  • Do you have an hour or two a week to help with office work?
  • Would you like to write an article for our newsletter or would you like to offer training about Borderline Personality Disorder for persons in your area of Florida?

If you have time and talent that you are willing to share, we’d really love to hear from you.


Florida Borderline Personality Disorder Association is the only 501(c)(3) organization of its kind serving over 18 million Floridians.

Currently, there are very few treatment programs within our state specifically geared toward BPD given our population and a demand for services. We have family members who are anxious for information and for referrals to clinicians who are trained and experienced with providing evidence-based treatment with persons diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

FBPDA is a fiscally-conservative and small organization that operates with a budget of a little less than $1,000 per month. We need your donations if we are to continue our good work. Could you pledge a gift of $10, $25, or $100 per month? If so, please click here to find out how you can help.