Passing on a request from TARA for volunteers willing to participate in a study

Dear DBT Community,


TARA’s Helpline callers tell us that people with BPD and their families seem to  have a very difficult time getting a  diagnosis of BPD. Additionally, they encounter great difficulty finding evidence based treatment from qualified DBT therapists.


We at TARA are conducting a survey in order to obtain  data to document the experiences of the BPD population with misdiagnosis and mistreatment of BPD.. This data will be brought to the attention of NIMH and other government agencies so as support our efforts to increase research funding, treatment research and training. Please help us accomplish our goal by distributing our survey on your web site or to your clients. The survey is anonymous.


We thank you for helping us and hope our efforts will result in  more treatment programs for those with BPD.


Here is the link to the survey:


Many thanks


Valerie Porr and the TARA Team.

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