About those families….

FBPDA just hosted our second in the series of 3 informational events to the community about issues related to BPD.  On Weds. evening a group of us got together at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and viewed a film about family issues and options and then had a lively and open discussion.  People were able to critique the film, both positive and negative aspects of it, and speak their minds even if there were different perspectives or opinions, and there were lots of excellent points and insights and even personal sharing.  As a therapist, it warmed my heart to see the amount of recovery, growth and courage in that room, both from people who self-identified as having BPD, therapists, and the family members.   Although the turnout wasn’t as big as I personally had hoped, given that these are our first community events, it is a good opportunity to learn what works, what doesn’t so we can continue to adapt it to respond to the feedback.  We are working on about taking these events to other parts of the state so if you think your community would benefit from some education about BPD, contact us and we can arrange with you to come to your area.

Our final educational event for this series is about Adolescents and BPD and is May 20th, from 6-8, also at the Children’s Board which is on 1002 East Palm Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605.  It is free and donations are accepted but not required.

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