Day 25 – BPD Awareness Month 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 25- For Day 25, the beginning of our final week of BPD Awareness Month, a rap about mindfulness for you: (See lyrics below)

My mindfulness (8x)

Verse 1:

Mindfulness is present
but we judge no one
Stickin to the present
But I ain’t frozen
Let it go (2x)
Shot out to the snowman
Hold off
On my mind closing
Got to keep it open like the U.S
Us working together
Never ever do we do stress
We do less, worrying and tripping
What we do though
We do more
Learn and listen
And we know to pay attention when we in class
In the streets people wrecking
Like a car crash
People out of line
Lane switching
Moving to fast
Using my mind and attention
No need to gas
Oo yeah…
aye! Aye!

My mindfulness (8x)

Verse 2:
Deep breaths


New ideas stay fresh

Show more
say less

Every moment
Be your best
Make your best

Hard times
Give us hard times
But when I

Don’t judge
And Keep a strong mind
Then I

Keep still
Til I calm down

When I’m calm

now I’m
Findin mindful solutions

On my own now

Made a mindful decision

Came in the game
with a mind set on winnin

Had to name it
To tame it
Anchor words did it

You get it

This is my life
And mindfully
I live it

Aye, aye, aye…

My mindfulness (8x)

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