Day 31- BPD Awareness Month 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 30- Mindful Driving

Commutes can be difficult- lots of traffic, lots of stress, and lots of to-do lists.  As I learned in this meditation, driving is a great time for me to practice mindfulness, to show up at work prepared for the day, and to return home calm- without my head spinning circles around me. This mindfulness practice for driving comes from Donald Altman’s book One Minute Mindfulness. For me, it was quite a departure from my normal multi-tasking routine that involves breakfast, makeup, a lint roller, etc. during the morning drive. But it also felt relaxing to know that the only thing I had to do or focus on, was driving.

The actual practice is below, but I suggest you visit Mindful’s post Driving as Preparation to read the entire excerpt.


In the next day or week, take one driving trip where you are focused only on your driving, with no distractions. Do this when you are alone, and try to be as present as you can every sixty seconds. You don’t have to be perfect when doing this. When your mind wanders, to the past or the future, gently bring it back. You can even mentally affirm your present moment intention with the words “driving, driving.”

Sincere thanks for joining us on this mindful journey to honor BPD Awareness Month!!


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