New DBT Resource

Check out the blog Psychdiary, a dbt skill inspired blog written by clinical psychologist Alisa Crossfield.

Here is a look into her blog:

I have frequently chuckled when my clients, or friends assume the answers to these questions are “yes.” I have news for you. Psychologists are just like everyone else. My relationships are no more perfect than most. My emotions sometimes get the best of me. Life often feels very stressful.

Almost daily something comes up that makes me wish life came with an instruction book. A recent walk through the self-help aisle of my book store makes me confident that I am not alone in this desire. There is an overwhelming quantity of books written on topics such as parenting, relationships and stress-management, just to name a few. The message I walk away with is that there is no one right way to do any of these things. If there was, we would only have one book on each topic. Instead, we have to decide how to incorporate the sometimes-contradictory bits of advice into our own lives. Click here to keep reading.


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